Notes on Artist Publishing


A collection of advice, opinions, lists, and notes from our studio practice as ANEMONE, and conversations with friends and peers making risograph books. It’s an argument in favor of making things as an artist publisher, rather than waiting on traditional publishing. For making books that are art, and seeing the act of publishing as an art practice.



Artist publishing (vs. self-publishing)

What draws people to buy artist publications?

Don't wait on traditional publishing

The opportunity of small numbers in publishing

A super simple way to make a publication

Some ways of making publications

Which printing method?

Getting publications out in the world

Artist publishing reading recs

This digital download version of the publication includes:

  • epub, mobi, opf, for reading on an e-reader like a Kindle
  • PDF, to read on the computer
  • Print-at-home PDF, which you can print double sided onto Letter or A4 paper, then fold in half and bind with staples or thread to make your own copy of the zine. Print the cover file separately, on thicker paper.

NOTE: This is a digital version of Notes on Artist Publishing, which was originally risograph printed in a first edition of 300 in May 2024 for Seattle Art Book Fair; that version is available on Riso Bookstore until sold out.

Images below are of the print edition:

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Three digital formats: e-reader (epub), PDF, print-at-home PDF

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Notes on Artist Publishing

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